Our founder, Ibrahim Hussain (Ibbaday) started his career as a professional footballer in the Maldives. His love for the ocean drew him towards diving and became a certified PADI Dive Master in 2001. During his time as a Dive Master he started taking part in Water Sports, which soon lead to his discovery and passion for flyboarding and Hydro Sports, in general.

Driven by this passion and enthusiasm for the hydro sports, in the year 2014 Ibrahim became the first to be certified in the Maldives as a Pro-Flyboarder by Zapata. Also in late 2014, he obtained official recognition by Zapata, and become the first Pro-Flyboard Instructor in Maldives. In the following year, after continued efforts he was certified as a Master Instructor by Zapata.

During this short period many youngsters have been inspired to join the rise of Hydro Sports and by mid-2016, Liquid Water Sports, under the leadership of Ibrahim Hussain had trained and certified over 25 Pro-Flyboarders.

In his pursuit to seek further exposure for Maldivian Flyboarders, Ibrahim participated in several international competitions and has received several notable awards:

  • 2014 - First Maldivian to participate in an international flyboarding competition, at the US North American Flyboard Championship, Louisiana USA
  • 2015 - Ranked 16th in the X-Dubai Flyboard World Cup, Dubai
  • 2016 - Ranked 3rd in the European Flyboard Championship, France
  • 2016 - Ranked 8th in the Pro-Water Flyboard World Cup, Florida USA